Day 22: Project Aquarium

It’s has been a while since the last time I blog about my aquarium. The tank conditions seem stable right now. All the fish’s swimming happily inside the tank and there is new fish in tank!


When I first setup the tank, I always wanted to get a betta fish but I can’t find beautiful betta fish anywhere. Most betta fish I found only have 1 color, either red or blue. I just fall in love when I first lay my eyes on this betta fish. Hopefully the other fish’s will play nicely with their new family members.


Nothing new inside my tank. I just a submersible thermometer so I can monitor my water temperature. The bad news my water temperature always around 29-31 Celsius. But since it’s stable and the fish seem happy, I hope nothing will go wrong. Also my algae problem seem under control after i set timer for the LED lights.


On the other hand, I think I manage to identify all the fish’s inside the tank.

Green Tiger Barb – 1
Gold Tiger Barb – 1
Tiger Barb – 2
Spotted Pleco – 2
Serpae Tetra – 2
Black Skirt Tetra – 5
Betta – 1


In total, I have 14 fish’s. Hopefully I didn’t overstock the aquarium.



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