Mitsui Outlet Park

Yesterday we went to the infamous Mitsui Outlet Park. Upon reach there, there was many empty parking space. Maybe because it’s only 10:30AM. According to the information counter, it’s open daily between 10:00AM & 10:00PM.

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How to set the Time Zone on Fedora Server

By default Fedora set the timezone to UTC. You can define the timezone during installation but if you like me using VPS droplet, your timezone could be wrong. Luckily it can be change easily.

Fedora store all the default timezone inside /usr/share/zoneinfo directory. From there you can list all the content to find your own timezone.

cd /usr/share/zoneinfo
Africa Chile GB Indian MST PRC UTC
Antarctica Cuba GMT Navajo right W-SU
Arctic EET GMT0 Israel NZ ROC
Asia Egypt GMT-0 Jamaica NZ-CHAT ROK Zulu
Atlantic Eire GMT+0 Japan Pacific Singapore
Australia EST Greenwich Kwajalein Poland Turkey
Brazil EST5EDT Hongkong Libya Portugal UCT
Canada Etc HST MET posix Universal
CET Europe Iceland Mexico posixrules US

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How to fix 502 error when using reverse proxy on Fedora

In computer networks, a reverse proxy is a type of proxy server that retrieves resources on behalf of a client from one or more servers. These resources are then returned to the client as though they originated from the proxy server itself.

Reverse proxy can be useful in many ways. You can hide your application original URL by masking it with proxy. You can easily control who visit your URL with “allow” & “deny” function. You can add HTTPS protocol on top of the application that not supporting it (I’m looking at you Transmission Webui).

Reverse proxy can be archive in Nginx simply by using this line of code inside the server block.

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Malaysia ringgit hit the lowest point since 1998

It has been almost 18 years since the last economic crisis. The last time, the ringgit was pegged at 3.80 MYR per USD. Now 18 years later it reach 4.03 MYR per USD.

Earlier this month, financial expert said the ringgit won’t reach 4.00 MYR per USD this year or next year. After almost 8 days later the world have proved they was wrong. Continue reading “Malaysia ringgit hit the lowest point since 1998” – 1k request from Malaysia in just 24 hours

It puzzled me, how Β over 1 thousand requestsΒ come from Malaysia (1,127 at the time of writing and 1,892 from total requests.). According to CloudFlare these requests includes real requests, crawler and threats. Judging from the database, currently there is no threat and unique visitors only around 185 requests. There is no way to verify all the 185 requests come from Malaysia. Continue reading “ – 1k request from Malaysia in just 24 hours”