TM have something special for Unifi

It’s seem TM have something to say about smartphone. Some people suggesting it’s gonna be a WiFi Calling while other said it’s gonna be TM own mobile network. The latter seem more convincing since TM purchase mobile broadband provider P1 not too long ago.

Either way the event is a day before iPhone 6 official launch in Malaysia. Coincidence? Well maybe not. Maybe they have plan something together. Who knows… Continue reading “TM have something special for Unifi”

The harsh truth about this generations

The reality! The truth! All about this generations! If you look closely at all the image, at least one or two image will hit you in the face 🙂 By the way, all this wonderful poster made by Ajit Johnson. Enjoy it, like i do 🙂

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Subscribe to #iflix annual plan for only RM46

Ok, some of you will said this is misleading post, scam post or advertisement post. I gain nothing by posting this or i will lost anything because of it (i hope not).

If you are reading this, that mean you already know what iflix is. And if you don’t know anything, iflix is Netflix for Asia. Online video streaming with subscription for monthly and annually. By now you should notice on the picture above its said RM8 per month, so it would be RM96 a year. So why the hell I said it’s only gonna cost RM46. Here why. Continue reading “Subscribe to #iflix annual plan for only RM46”

How to installing/updating WordPress using Subversion

The reason I use WordPress as my blog, is because it can auto update plugins, themes and even the WordPress core. In my last post, I have explain how to fix auto-update for themes and plugins. But it would not work on WordPress Core upgrade. The only way left is to use FTP to update the core. Since I hate using FTP, I have to find another solutions.

And here come Subversion to the rescue! With Subversion, I can update the WordPress core with just one line of code and even can schedule it every month. Or I can use Subversion to download and update WordPress experimental/bleeding edge/trunk version.
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