Google Maps, Waze a threat to national security?

Majority of Malaysian use Google Maps or Waze regularly while driving in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Some use for navigations and some use it to avoid traffic congestions. And because of that, Umno MP Datuk Raime Unggi think the apps is a threat to national security and can give foreign country (specifically the US & Israel) information about Malaysia. Continue reading “Google Maps, Waze a threat to national security?”

TM have something special for Unifi

It’s seem TM have something to say about smartphone. Some people suggesting it’s gonna be a WiFi Calling while other said it’s gonna be TM own mobile network. The latter seem more convincing since TM purchase mobile broadband provider P1 not too long ago.

Either way the event is a day before iPhone 6 official launch in Malaysia. Coincidence? Well maybe not. Maybe they have plan something together. Who knows… Continue reading “TM have something special for Unifi”

How to set the Time Zone on Fedora Server

By default Fedora set the timezone to UTC. You can define the timezone during installation but if you like me using VPS droplet, your timezone could be wrong. Luckily it can be change easily.

Fedora store all the default timezone inside /usr/share/zoneinfo directory. From there you can list all the content to find your own timezone.

cd /usr/share/zoneinfo
Africa Chile GB Indian MST PRC UTC
Antarctica Cuba GMT Navajo right W-SU
Arctic EET GMT0 Israel NZ ROC
Asia Egypt GMT-0 Jamaica NZ-CHAT ROK Zulu
Atlantic Eire GMT+0 Japan Pacific Singapore
Australia EST Greenwich Kwajalein Poland Turkey
Brazil EST5EDT Hongkong Libya Portugal UCT
Canada Etc HST MET posix Universal
CET Europe Iceland Mexico posixrules US

Continue reading “How to set the Time Zone on Fedora Server”