Subscribe to #iflix annual plan for only RM46

Ok, some of you will said this is misleading post, scam post or advertisement post. I gain nothing by posting this or i will lost anything because of it (i hope not).

If you are reading this, that mean you already know what iflix is. And if you don’t know anything, iflix is Netflix for Asia. Online video streaming with subscription for monthly and annually. By now you should notice on the picture above its said RM8 per month, so it would be RM96 a year. So why the hell I said it’s only gonna cost RM46. Here why. Continue reading “Subscribe to #iflix annual plan for only RM46”

How to set the Time Zone on Fedora Server

By default Fedora set the timezone to UTC. You can define the timezone during installation but if you like me using VPS droplet, your timezone could be wrong. Luckily it can be change easily.

Fedora store all the default timezone inside /usr/share/zoneinfo directory. From there you can list all the content to find your own timezone.

cd /usr/share/zoneinfo
Africa Chile GB Indian MST PRC UTC
Antarctica Cuba GMT Navajo right W-SU
Arctic EET GMT0 Israel NZ ROC
Asia Egypt GMT-0 Jamaica NZ-CHAT ROK Zulu
Atlantic Eire GMT+0 Japan Pacific Singapore
Australia EST Greenwich Kwajalein Poland Turkey
Brazil EST5EDT Hongkong Libya Portugal UCT
Canada Etc HST MET posix Universal
CET Europe Iceland Mexico posixrules US

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