Bitcoin Drops From $10067 To $8117

Bitcoin (BTC) had reached new all time high (ATH) at $10067 since 13 March Black Friday drop. My personal trading indicator already give signal to take short since 29 April and chart closing on 8 and 9 May confirm my suspicions. I already prepared to buy some at $7791 price range but the drop not reaching that range.

I should trust my indicator and short instead. I probably making some money right now.

Malaysia Success Stories Fighting Covid-19

54 day had passed since the first Movement Control Order (MCO) and Malaysia manage to decreased the amount of daily infections. Kudos to all the front-liners and not to forget all the behind the scenes back-liners. We manage to win because WE ALL WORK AS A TEAM.

#KitaJagaKita #KitaMestiMenang #StayHome

Covid-19: 1.8 Millions Confirmed Case In 185 Countries

Data From Johns Hopkins University

Approximately 104 days has past since the first Covid-19 cases appear in China. The number of confirmed cases has reach 1,854,464 with 114,331 deaths. The worlds have no time to prepare for this pandemic and in turn send the world economy into chaos.

The United States is leading the world with 557,590 confirmed cases follow by Spain and Italy at 166,831 and 156,363 cases.

Covid-19: Most Malaysian Not Financially Prepare.

With Movement Control Order (MCO) is in effect. Most Malaysian have to work from home and some can’t even work. While some get paid for working from home, other have lost their source of income.

According to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), 75% of Malaysian Don’t even have RM1000 as emergency savings. The rule of thumb for emergency savings is 3 month paychecks. Meaning if you earn RM2000 per month, you need to have RM6000 as emergency savings.

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