Cryptocurrency: After 6 Month

2018 start with a bang for my Cryptocurrency portfolio. A sudden increase from 0.05 BTC to 0.1 BTC. Sadly Bitcoin value has gone down šŸ˜­

I already collect almost RM1186.21 (66.31%) ROI. Still need to collect around RM602.59 (33.69%).

Hopefully, 6 month later I will become millionaire šŸ˜


Cryptocurrency after a month

After a month inside Cryptocurrency world, my investment finally go over RM1000. All this thanks to ANS/NEO price that suddenly go up to the moon.

One thing I learned inside Cryptocurrency world, never put your hope too high. Since ANS/NEO price not really at a fix point like Bitcoin price, it may go down to the bottom.

And my plan to add another 1.35 ANS/NEO has gone down to the drain.

My first journey into Cryptocurrency

For the past 8 days I have been busy trying to get my hand into Cryptocurrency. It’s not actually my first time, the last time I tried using mining method but this time via buying. It was a good experience learning from the big whale inside the Cryptocurrency world.

My current portfolio
My current portfolio

In those 8 days I manage to lose around RM200 from my capital which I believe due to all those transaction fees and the fluctuation of the price.

I’m plan to use Cryptocurrency as an investment for my backup plan along with my current gold saving. Hopefully for the next several month I will see some improvement inside my portfolio.