The harsh truth about this generations

The reality! The truth! All about this generations! If you look closely at all the image, at least one or two image will hit you in the face 🙂 By the way, all this wonderful poster made by Ajit Johnson. Enjoy it, like i do 🙂

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Malaysia ringgit hit the lowest point since 1998

It has been almost 18 years since the last economic crisis. The last time, the ringgit was pegged at 3.80 MYR per USD. Now 18 years later it reach 4.03 MYR per USD.

Earlier this month, financial expert said the ringgit won’t reach 4.00 MYR per USD this year or next year. After almost 8 days later the world have proved they was wrong. Continue reading “Malaysia ringgit hit the lowest point since 1998”