Most Malaysian will have internet speed up to 20Mbps by 2019

Telekom Malaysia (TM) has announced two partnership deals with the Malaysia Government. The two deal, High Speed Broadband Project Phase 2 (HSBB 2) and Sub-Urban Broadband Project (SUBB) will be completed approximately in 10 years.

HSBB 2 is the continuation of HSBB project that bring Unifi to most home in Malaysia. But what i more interested in is SUBB. SUBB will be focusing in upgrading copper lines (which is common to sub urban and rural areas) to received broadband speed up to 20Mbps. Continue reading “Most Malaysian will have internet speed up to 20Mbps by 2019”

TM have something special for Unifi

It’s seem TM have something to say about smartphone. Some people suggesting it’s gonna be a WiFi Calling while other said it’s gonna be TM own mobile network. The latter seem more convincing since TM purchase mobile broadband provider P1 not too long ago.

Either way the event is a day before iPhone 6 official launch in Malaysia. Coincidence? Well maybe not. Maybe they have plan something together. Who knows… Continue reading “TM have something special for Unifi”