Day 61: Project Aquarium

It’s has been over a month since the last time I update my Aquarium. No new fish this time and my betta die around 2-3 weeks ago. Continue reading “Day 61: Project Aquarium”

Day 22: Project Aquarium

It’s has been a while since the last time I blog about my aquarium. The tank conditions seem stable right now. All the fish’s swimming happily inside the tank and there is new fish in tank! Continue reading “Day 22: Project Aquarium”

Day 11: Project Aquarium

Today is a sad day. I lost not one but 8 fish’s (4 Red Sword Tail, 3 Mosaic Guppies and 1 Neon Tetra). In the morning when I feed the fish everything look ok but when I back home I found 7 fish died already. Continue reading “Day 11: Project Aquarium”