Mitsui Outlet Park

Yesterday we went to the infamous Mitsui Outlet Park. Upon reach there, there was many empty parking space. Maybe because it’s only 10:30AM. According to the information counter, it’s open daily between 10:00AM & 10:00PM.

My first impressions? It’s kinds ok. Some branded shops like Coach cannot be found here. The store kinda big and spacious. The food court is big and have some decent food. The “nasi ayam” kinda delicious since my boy eat half of it (he kinda picky about his food).


But one thing for sure, even at 12:00PM there is still a lot of empty parking space. Comparing to Johor Premium Outlet, it’s like nobody visiting here. Or maybe because its early month and other people like me, have little money to spare.

P_20150816_122815 P_20150816_110240


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