Day 11: Project Aquarium

Today is a sad day. I lost not one but 8 fish’s (4 Red Sword Tail, 3 Mosaic Guppies and 1 Neon Tetra). In the morning when I feed the fish everything look ok but when I back home I found 7 fish died already.

Well I kinda expected it’s gonna be like this. All the Red Sword Tail and Mosaic Guppies were swimming at the top water level. And from what I read it’s a sign the fish is sick. Before today all the 5 Red Sword Tail swimming at the top but today, 1 start swimming normally at the middle and below. Hopefully the last Red Sword Tail will manage to survive and the last Mosaic Guppies will be better tomorrow.



Well on the other hand, I replace the artificial plant with a smaller one because the old one trapping all the dead fish. Also I add new decoration and 5 Neon Tetra fish’s. One of my new fish manage to survive around 30 minutes only inside the new tank. I believe it’s being attacked by Barbtiger fish.



Also my wife told me one of my catfish is growing bigger. At least one fish in the tank is healthy and happy.


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