MYNIC is dead

Maybe you wandering why I said that. At the time of writing, MYNIC claim there is 324130 active domains. I don’t think the number is correct since there is one domain no longer active but not available to public.

There is one domain I like to register with MYNIC. Whois info show it already expired but the domain still not available for public.

According to their website, MYNIC will send renewal notice 14 days before expiry date and if no payment made 30 days after the notice, the domain will be suspended for 14 days. If still no payment the domain will be deleted and made available to public.

If you look at the second picture, the domain should be available to public but in reality its not. I’m wonder how the hell MYNIC regulated all their domains.

Government agencies always ask the people to be more patriotic and support Malaysian products. I try to support but their agencies do not do any work.

Well for now it’s time to shop for some generic top-level domains.


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