Covid-19: Most Malaysian Not Financially Prepare.

With Movement Control Order (MCO) is in effect. Most Malaysian have to work from home and some can’t even work. While some get paid for working from home, other have lost their source of income.

According to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), 75% of Malaysian Don’t even have RM1000 as emergency savings. The rule of thumb for emergency savings is 3 month paychecks. Meaning if you earn RM2000 per month, you need to have RM6000 as emergency savings.

Also the research by BNM show only 6% Malaysian can survive for more than 6 months and another 18% can survive more than 3 months.

With MCO almost reach one month, some Malaysian family already struggle with their daily life. While the Government already try to reduce their burden in the form of “Bantuan Prihatin Nasional”, how long will they survive if MCO extend for the second month?

Obviously they cannot keep hoping the government will help them in time of crisis. The amount of money received from “Bantuan Prihatin Nasional” only enough to cover basic household groceries, so what about other expenses?

In the darkness there is always light. Even in MCO there is several ways to generate extra income.

  1. Food Delivery Services.
  2. Personal Shopper Services.
  3. Transportation Services.
  4. Printing Services

Regardless of any services you choose to do. Please always follow KKM guidelines and always follow the social distancing.

Let’s just hope we all will survive this situation physically and financially.


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