My Crypto Journey

The first time I heard about crypto is probably before 2015 & 2016. At that time I still think it’s a scam. How the hell digital coin can have value. If I can turn back time, I probably buy some BTC and LTC.

My first portfolio

I first start investing in cryptocurrency in June 2017. Trying to stack some sats in Luno using extra money from my paycheck. Manage to enter several ICO including Binance and manage to get scam on several lending ICO. Too bad I can’t hodl my BNB longer since I need money at that time and BNB price move very slow.

Scam lending ICO
My updated portfolio using Delta

After several scam, the bear market and bad attempt to use bot, I started to invest in Masternode. It’s like my destiny to lose in Crypto, every coin I touch either scam or just a pump and dump token. But one turn of event did change everything. The early Masternode coin I invest decide to do a swap. I dump everything’s I have on it and the price did raise after the swap and I manage to recover back my BTC before all the scams start.

What I manage to recover

But the happiness did not last long. I got introduce into Bybit Inverse Future and LickHunter bot early 2019. I convert all my BTC into ETH and i did manage to quadruple my ETH holding, but it all gone in one big dumps. Heart broken, broke and devastated with what happen. I stop crypto, delete all crypto related apps and never look back.

Bloody red market

And the Covid-19 happens.

Worldwide Covid-19 counts

The country in total lockdown. You cannot go to office and cannot go out. Getting bored with life and I got some extra money from selling my house, I’ve decided to re-enter the crypto again. That time LickHunter have changed into LickHunterPro. Armed with LickHunterPro, I decided to enter Binance USDT-M future markets.

It was a roller coaster ride. I manage to earn some and lose a lot more. The turn around point for me is around November 2020. Armed with personal scripts and Google sheets base data analytics, I manage to earn more than I can lose.

It’s time to break even!

By early March 2021, I manage to recover all the amount of fiat I spend on crypto since 2017. Withdraw it all and my current portfolio is base on profit money only.

In my opinion, it’s never late to try to change your life. You probably win some and lose more but what most important is never surrender and never trade with emotions.


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