Disney+ vs Netflix

Disney+ & Netflix

One could say this is the battle of streaming giants. Disney+ launch on 2 November 2019 aims to topple the streaming giant Netflix. With its own original content and exclusive Marvel content, it’s hard to ignore Disney+ anymore. But the question remains can it beat Netflix? Let’s see some of the cons and pro about Disney+


  • Cheaper than Netflix with only RM54.90 for three months.
  • Exclusive Marvel, Star Wars and Disney content.
  • Support Chromecast first generation.


  • Cannot continue watching. U need to open the show and try to remember when u last stop.
  • Not supporting Samsung Tizen TV
  • No additional profile

It’s probably gonna take more time for me to leave Netflix and on the other hand I will probably not continue my Disney+ subscription if I can finish all the Marvel shows in three months.


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