Most Malaysian will have internet speed up to 20Mbps by 2019

Telekom Malaysia (TM) has announced two partnership deals with the Malaysia Government. The two deal, High Speed Broadband Project Phase 2 (HSBB 2) and Sub-Urban Broadband Project (SUBB) will be completed approximately in 10 years.

HSBB 2 is the continuation of HSBB project that bring Unifi to most home in Malaysia. But what i more interested in is SUBB. SUBB will be focusing in upgrading copper lines (which is common to sub urban and rural areas) to received broadband speed up to 20Mbps.

Unifi 30mbps.png

It’s interesting to see how much TM will charge for that speed and how much Mbps for the upload speed. Currently the price for Streamyx 8Mbps is RM169 similarly to Unifi 30Mbps plan. With Unifi 30Mbps plan you will get 5Mbps upload speed but with Streamyx 8Mbps plan you only get 512Kbps upload speed.

Streamyx 8Mbps

It would be interesting to see if TM will change their game play and enable at least 2Mbps for upload speed in the SUBB project. Well that only if Streamyx is inside their SUBB checklist.


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