Google Maps, Waze a threat to national security?

Majority of Malaysian use Google Maps or Waze regularly while driving in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Some use for navigations and some use it to avoid traffic congestions. And because of that, Umno MP Datuk Raime Unggi think the apps is a threat to national security and can give foreign country (specifically the US & Israel) information about Malaysia.

First of all, there is nothing wrong in thinking like that. But he need to remember this, Google Maps and Waze is not the first digital maps in Malaysia. Before Google Maps and Waze there is Papago & Garmin. Why no one thinks of them as a threat to national security? The government can always send a request for the company to remove sensitive location for their apps. Same like what user can do with sensitive Google Street View data.

Also in the post era of NSA/PRISM. Do you really think without using those apps, they can’t collect any data from you? Do you really think the US don’t have any satellite that they can use to zoom into us? And why they need an apps since they have allies next to Johor?

If they can find Osama Bin Laden hideout, what stopping them from finding your secret?

P/S: Most Malaysian already knows Waze originated from Israel tech company and still they decide to use it.


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