Two Bettas In One Tank

It’s been a while since the last time I update my Aquarium. I have reset everything to make way for bettas tank. Currently I have one Crowntail male betta, one plakat female betta, six neon tetras and five yamato shrimps.

Both crowntail and plakat swimming together

Before I add female plakat and yamato shrimp, I have ten neon tetras, one chinese algae eater and four red fire shrimps. I had to leave all of them for twelve days due to raya holidays. When i come back only four neon tetras survive along with my male Crowntail.

My male crowntail closeup

When I first add my plakat female four days ago, I was worried she will spend all days hiding insider the ornament. But i feel happy when feeding time she will come out and eat. And today it seem my Crowntail and my plakat happily swimming together.

My female plakat closeup
My yamato shrimp closeup
Neon tetras swimming happily

Hopefully my current setup will last longer and i not need to replenish the tank with new livestock. If everything work perfectly I will add ten cherry shrimps after one month.


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