It’s happening again… 

It’s happening again. I thought everything is fine already since she survive longer than my last female betta. I don’t think there is something wrong with the water since my male betta, neon and yamato is doing well.

I purchase her on Saturday evening and when I put her inside the community tank, she were happily swimming inside the tank and she always manage to outrun my male betta when being chased around. I always check on her every days and she always come out of hiding when it’s feeding time. 

Friday morning I forgot to check how are she doing. So when I back on the evening, I try to find her and she could not be found. Usually by that time she already out of hiding swimming in the middle or near the bottom of the tank.

I throw some food and she still not comming out. So i decide to check the hiding place and she come out and swimming not like her usual self. When she come up for air, that when I notice she had clamped fins disease.

For now she currently inside isolation tank and hopefully when I come home tomorrow she will be fine once again.


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