Masternode 101: How To Use MultiSend

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When investing in Cryptocurrency, you need to move on a fast pace and always keep alert on the coin news and change because when you snooze, you lose. So today i want to share how to automatically send your masternode and staking rewards to exchange so you can get “Return of Investment” (ROI) much faster compare to manually sending rewards to exchange.

Before we start, here is some checklist you need to fulfill.

  1. The wallet must be running for MultiSend to work.
  2. Wallet will only send the coin when it reach mature confirmation.

This guild should work on all PIVX fork. In case it didn’t work, please tell me so i can update the guide.

  1. In the wallet goto File -> Sending Address.
  2. Click New and add the address you want to use MultiSend.
  3. Next goto Setting -> MultiSend.
  4. Click the checkbox which reward you want to send. You can choose both or only one.
  5. Next specify the amount you want to send. It can be in the range of 1% to 100%.
  6. Next put the address you save in the second step into the address box.
  7. Click the Add button and the Activate button.
  8. You can check the status of MultiSend via the View MultiSend button.

Your reward should be automatically send to the address you specify. If the wallet suddenly do send any rewards out (Happen to me sometimes), you can just restart the wallet and it should work correctly the next time new rewards come.

Hopefully with this guide, you can keep lost to a minimum amount because you are away from your wallet. Or you can use service like SimplePosPoll to keep your coin for staking and hosting masternode. Happy masternoding and staking.


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