Masternode 101: How To Estimate When Collateral Change

Some masternode have a fix collateral and some don’t. It’s important to know when it will change so you have collect enough coin for the change. This way you still can sell some coin and not worry when the time come.

For this tutorial we will use excel for date and time calculation.

To Get Actual Time & Date Use :-


The next thing we need to find

Current Block
Collateral Change Block
Block Time - This is important because the calculation depend on it.

When we finish collect all the informations, it’s time to let the Maths begin. First we need to calculate the block different.

Collateral Change Blocks - Current Blocks = Blocks Different

\left (Blocks Different \times Block Time\right) / 60 = Total Minutes Until Collateral Change

We can use =INT() to change the number into Days, Hours & Minutes

Days = INT(Total Minutes Until Collateral Change / 1440)
Hours = INT(MOD(Total Minutes Until Collateral Change/1440,1)*24)
Minutes = INT(MOD(MOD(Total Minutes Until Collateral Change/1440,1)*24,1)*60)

After combining all the information, we will have the days, hours and minutes to estimate the collateral change. We can use the next formula to change the data into readable date.

\left ( Current Time +  Total Minutes Until Collateral Change \right) / 1440 =  Full time and date for collateral change

The finishing product should look like this.


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