MYTouchnGo portal down? Here how to get your transactions report

Are you travel a lot for work, use Touch `n Go card for toll payment and lazy to collect the receipt? If all answer for that is true, you must have been using MYTouchnGo portal to claim mileage from your company. By now you must be notice that their portal is currently down for upgrading. So how to print your transactions report?


There are several method available to request your transaction reports. You can either call them, email them or send Twitter DM message. As for me i choose the last option.

First you need to follow @MyTouchnGo. Then you can DM them your card serial numbers, your IC numbers, your full name, your registered email address and the type of transaction you want.

Give them around 30 minutes and they will email the transaction to you. Keep in mind it’s not the same format as the one you download from their portal.


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