BR1M oh BR1M

By now everyone already get their BR1m money and i still waiting for my results. When i check on the evening the status still under process, but the status already change when i check it just now. So, the results?


The reason? Small part time, small profit online business by my full-time housewife.


Now i know why they really want every online business to register with SSM πŸ™‚

MYNIC is dead

Maybe you wandering why I said that. At the time of writing,Β MYNICΒ claim there is 324130 active domains. I don’t think the number is correct since there is one domain no longer active but not available to public.

There is one domain I like to register with MYNIC. Whois info show it already expired but the domain still not available for public. Continue reading “MYNIC is dead”

I will never buy Elba products again

Around four months ago, I buy Elba induction hob to replace my old-busted Philips induction hob. Today the induction hob suddenly decided to stop working.

My old Philips manage to survive whole one year compare to Elba that only manage to survive four months. No wonder Philips brave enough to give 24 months warranty for its product.
For now I need to figure out how to cook while I send both for repair.